Friday 'Nite: After Fortnite's Dragon Ball Z Event, Only One Crossover Could Be Bigger

  • Friday 'Nite is a weekly Fortnite column in which GameSpot editor Mark Delaney takes a closer look at current events in the wide world of Fortnite, with a special emphasis on the game's plot, characters, and lore.

    In case you missed it, the often-rumored Fortnite Dragon Ball Z crossover has officially been teased by Epic this week, thanks to a tantalizing image of Shenron shared to Twitter. It didn't take long for the teaser to replace Fortnite's Naruto teaser as the most-liked tweet in Fortnite Twitter history. That's not a perfect metric by which to measure popularity--after all, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is an older series and may just have more fans on Twitter than Naruto.

    Still, it's obvious that the DBZ crossover is set to be one of the game's biggest collaborations in its nearly five-year history--possibly its biggest ever. Given that past years are filled with collabs such as Star Wars, Ariana Grande, DC, and even an entire Marvel-centric season (Chapter 2, Season 4), that's an incredibly high bar. But right now, DBZ looks like it'll become the new high mark in a long line of near-constant crossovers.Continue Reading at GameSpot