Five Years Of Reporting From The Last City - Iron Banter: This Week In Destiny 2

  • Just about every week brings something new to Destiny 2, whether it's story beats, new activities, or interesting new combinations of elements that let players devastate each other in the Crucible. Iron Banter is our weekly look at what's going on in the world of Destiny and a rundown of what's drawing our attention across the solar system.

    The story of Destiny 2 is one of evolution. Though the core of the game has always existed as it does now--it's about shooting aliens, and the shooting of aliens is very satisfying--just about everything else that facilitates the shooting of aliens has undergone massive changes. Both on purpose and by accident, I've been covering Destiny 2 throughout the whole of its life, and I've been witness to every adjustment, iteration, change, expansion, season, and hotfix since its release.

    There are very few games like Destiny, if there are any at all. I've never seen a game go through so much invention and reinvention, or to spend so much time discovering its identity and to grow into it so well. I've also never had a game stick with me to the degree that this one has. I haven't always liked Destiny 2 over the course of its history, but I've always been impressed by it--its scope, its ideas, its ambition. In the second half of its life in particular, I think Destiny 2 has finally become the game that Bungie pitched all the way back in 2013.Continue Reading at GameSpot