Jet Set Radio Designer Explains Why A Sequel Hasn't Happened Yet, And Who Could Make One

  • Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio and its Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future are beloved for their style and unique gameplay, but to this day there's never been a third game in the series. The original game (initially called Jet Grind Radio in the US) released 20 years ago, and in a retrospective published by USGamer, the team behind the game has reflected on its legacy--and why there hasn't been a follow-up.

    Lead designer Kazuki Hosokawa, who still works at Sega, reflects on how the original Jet Set Radio was created by a young team, recalling how "non-photorealistic expressions began to garner more attention" at the time, which his team was able to leverage.

    With this in mind, Hosokawa says that a new Jet Set Radio would need to come from a young, new team as well. He says that "more than 10 years ago," the game's producer told the team that they were "too old and experienced" to make a new game in the series, and he agrees. "I've gained enough experience that I can identify what works and how to present things... I can see the path to the end goal, whether I like it or not," he says.Continue Reading at GameSpot