Incredible Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Set Collects Every Single Movie And New Special Features

  • It's finally happening. All 12 Friday the 13th movies are being gathered in a single set and it looks amazing. Given the franchise is spread between two separate film studios--Paramount Studios and New Line Cinema--having all 12 movies released together seemed impossible. Thankfully, Shout! Factory is making it happen and including a bunch of new special features.

    The 16-disc Blu-ray set includes all 12 theatrically released films, practically all of the previously released special features, and a host of new goodies for fans of the iconic slasher franchise. There's new audio commentaries and interviews for many of the films, plus new 4K scans of select titles. Additionally, vintage TV and radio spots for the movies have been unearthed and are being offered in the set for the first time.

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