Dragon Age 2 Writer Says "Snyder Cut" Version Would Add More Nuance, Varric Romance

  • In the wake of Zack Snyder's Justice League, Dragon Age 2 writer David Gaider has chimed in with what he would do with carte blanche to make an equally uncompromising version of his work. In short: The city would be much bigger, the choices would have more nuance, and you could take Varric to bed.

    In a Twitter thread, Gaider answered the hypothetical saying that Dragon Age 2 was "THE Project of Multiple Regrets." For starters, he says, he would either include significant changes to the city of Kirkwall as the game spans the course of years, or reduce the time between acts to months instead of years. He added that he doesn't care much about the oft-repeated criticism of repetitive missions, but just would like Kirkwall to feel more crowded and alive.

    More specific to your player character, he said he'd like to restore a cut plot where the hero Hawke almost became an abomination. Plus, he'd like to restore cut lines, the absence of which made NPC interactions seem inconsistent, as if they'd never met you or forgot you had romanced them.Continue Reading at GameSpot