Fortnite Fan-Favorites Tactical Shotgun And Infantry Rifle Return In New Update

  • So far, it doesn't look like the next major game patch is coming to Fortnite this week, as they usually arrive on Tuesdays with leaks arriving on Mondays. But Fortnite fans still have an update to look forward to by way of today's hotfix, which unvaults two fan-favorite weapons, the Infantry Rifle and Tactical Shotgun, alongside a small list of other fixes.

    The Tactical Shotgun was most recently seen in Fortnite Season 5. Meanwhile, the Infantry Rifle has been in the vault since the start of Chapter 2, meaning it's been over a year since players last got their hands on it in Battle Royale. For anyone who jumped in after Chapter 2 kicked off, this will be their introduction to one of the game's most beloved weapons.

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    Alongside this lethal pair of weapons come some other boons for players scavenging in the game's last-player-standing mode. Epic said it is once again doubling the chance to find crafting parts in floor loot. This was not nerfed since the last tweak to drop rates, meaning the likelihood of players finding crafting parts in this way continues to surge as the season goes on.Continue Reading at GameSpot