New Path Of Exile Content Shows The Next Expansion And The Return Of Battle Royale

  • Grinding Gear Games has just revealed a new round of content for Path of Exile during a recent livestream, which includes a new Expedition expansion and the return of the battle royale mode--which is out now for a limited time. Along with new content for the 3.15 expansion, the developers announced some sweeping quality-of-life changes coming to the game, some of which could be considered controversial to the state of the game.

    Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson gave a detailed breakdown in the latest stream for what's new for Path of Exile, revealing the latest league event called Expedition, which will launch on July 23 for PC and on the 28th for consoles. Focusing on a new faction called the Kalguurans, you're tasked with exploring a new region called Wraeclast, which holds ancient treasures and the lost history of the new faction. Ancient Kalguurans once controlled this land, but they would eventually lose control due to the region's supernatural forces.

    The main conceit of the Expedition content is that you'll be exploring a new landscape filled with hidden chests and undead monsters hiding underneath the surface. While this seems quite close to the standard overworld exploration loop, what sets Expedition apart are the various excavation sites scattered around the land. By planting explosives at these sites, you can unearth treasure stashes or undead Kalguuran explorers to fight. While you can focus on blowing up markers at each site carefully, you can also chain together explosions--which in turn risks more fights--to increase your haul of loot. With this new Expedition league, you can also acquire brand new pieces of armor and weapons. The Expedition also serves as an opportunity to meet with new Kalguuran NPCs, with whom you can learn more and even trade resources with in order to gain new items and gear for your character.Continue Reading at GameSpot