What's New On Hulu In August 2021? American Horror Story Season 10 And Other Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

  • In August, Hulu is offering up plenty of reasons to stay at home with fresh content arriving throughout the month. This includes new movies, series, and classic catalog titles.

    Things are, appropriately for summer's final weeks, heating up on the streaming service and especially loaded up with exciting content in the last handful of days. August 26 alone has the Season 10 premiere of American Horror Story and Season 12 premiere of Archer. It's a big deal that both of those shows have been able to climb into double-digits of seasons, though the next batch of episodes for these series promise to be big events--AHS Season 10 promises to be about famous and infamous mythological creatures, whereas Archer Season 12 will explore the titular spy's return from a coma.

    On August 31, Steve Martin's Only Murders in the Building, a spoof of--and homage to--true-crime podcasts and its devoted fandoms will finally be out. Co-created and written by Martin and John Hoffman (The Larry Sanders Show, Northern Lights) and based on an idea by Martin, Only Murders in the Building is about three strangers (Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez) who live in the same NYC apartment building and also share an obsession with true-crime stories--specifically, podcasts--and suddenly find themselves investigating one. Based on a recent trailer, it should be silly and stupid and self-important in the way Martin's best work typically is.Continue Reading at GameSpot