Apex Legends Emergence First Details: New Legend, Ranked Arenas, Release Date

  • Respawn has revealed the first details for Apex Legends Emergence, which is Season 10 of the popular battle royale game, and it's shaping up to be a big update. Emergence will release on August 3, and it will add an artistic new Legend, Seer, as well as an update to World's Edge, a new weapon, and a Ranked Arena mode.

    While we don't know a ton about Seer's abilities yet, based on the cinematic Metamorphosis trailer, he was born under a bad sign, which gives him strange powers. The Apex website mentions his "artist's eye," which may mean that he'll be able to see things that other Legends can't, similar to Bloodhound and Loba. Also, he has glowing blue microdrones that look pretty scary, so watch out for those.

    In terms of other additions, Emergence will include a new weapon in the form of the Rampage LMG, which appears to be a light machine gun similar to the Devotion and Spitfire. It will also add a Ranked Arenas mode to the game, which will allow players to become Apex Predators in both the game's core battle royale mode and 3 v 3 Arenas mode for the very first time. As with all Apex Legends seasons, Emergence comes with a new battle pass, complete with exclusive skins.Continue Reading at GameSpot