Netflix Hits 209 Million Paid Subscribers, Reveals Most Watched Originals For Q2 2021

  • Netflix continues to grow in 2021. At the end of Q2--which was July 20 for the streaming service--Netflix has grown to 209 million paid subscribers, adding 1.5 million subscribers since Q1. In a letter to shareholders, the company released some of its most-watched programs during this time period.

    Netflix didn't see as much growth as it did a year ago, which is more than likely because of new signups during the pandemic, but the company forecasts another 3.5 million paid subscribers will sign up by the end of Q3. This will bring Netflix to over 212 million subscribers, if the forecasts are correct. However, Netflix surpassed its Q2 forecast by 500,000 subscribers.

    Additionally, some of the most-watched programs from the last quarter were revealed, with Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead reaching 75 million households, followed by Kevin Hart's series Fatherhood with 74 million views. Keep in mind that Netflix counts watching two minutes of programming as a view.Continue Reading at GameSpot