Battlefield 2042 Teaser Video Hints That Bad Company 2 Map Valparaiso Is Coming Back

  • A recent teaser for Battlefield 2042's new mode that will be revealed on July 22 apparently points to the possibility that a fan-favorite map from Bad Company 2 will be in the game.

    An eagle-eyed fan on Reddit used Photoshop to reveal that the video contains what appears to be a reference to a map that bears a strong resemblance to Bad Company 2's Valparaiso. As you can see in the image below, and more clearly in the comparison shot further down the page, the map shown in the teaser video very much appears to be Valparaiso.

    Battlefield 2042's new mode will feature fan-favorite maps from the Battlefield series, and Valparaiso would certainly fit the bill. As for how this map would factor into the new Battlefield game, that's anyone's guess. So far, DICE has confirmed only that Battlefield 2042 will have seven All Out Warfare maps at launch, with more to come over time.Continue Reading at GameSpot