New On Shudder In August 2021: Jakob's Wife, Slasher Season 4, Pumpkinhead, Dolls

  • August is almost here, and that means the final month of Shudder's "Summer of Chills." AMC's horror streaming service is releasing 12 new movies this summer, and four more hit next month, alongside the return of the anthology show Slasher and some classic movies.

    August's line-up of new horror kicks off on August 8 with Teddy, a werewolf movie in which a young man is scratched by a mysterious beast and starts to undergo terrifying changes. That's followed on August 10 by the psychological horror Bleed With Me, about a lonely outsider who is invited on a holiday but starts to experience strange visions.

    August 19 sees the release of the highly acclaimed Jakob's Wife, which stars horror icon Barbara Crampton as a frustrated housewife who hides a dark secret from her religious husband, played by genre favorite Larry Fessenden. Former WWE superstar CM Punk also appears in the film. Finally, Mosquito State arrives on August 26, and focuses on a man who suffers a psychological breakdown while being slowly attacked by mosquitoes in his New York apartment.Continue Reading at GameSpot