Scientists Find And Name New Underwater Volcanoes After Lord Of The Rings Symbols

  • As is the case with most villains, Sauron is probably not dead--and scientists have discovered a new underwater volcano resembling the omnipresent Eye of Sauron, indicating he's always watching and his power is always around.

    In a report for The Conversation, Museums Victoria's senior curator of marine invertebrates Tim O'Hara said the underwater volcano was "revealed by multibean sonar 3,100 meters below" the RV Investigator research vessel. The oval formation, known as a caldera, is approximately 4mi by 3mi across. It has a rim that's a little over a tenth of a mile high, as well as a tenth of a mile high cone-shaped peak at the center where the actual "pupil" is housed.

    In essence, a caldera is a collapsed volcano. The molten magma travels upwards and, because of the empty chambers this creates, the volcano's dome surface caves in on itself. This causes a large crater where a small peaks often tends to form while the volcano continues to spew hot magma.Continue Reading at GameSpot