Does Snake Eyes Have A Post-Credits Scene: The GI Joe Movie's Ending Explained

  • GI Joe is back! Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins is in theaters now, relaunching the long-running franchise on the big screen. If you want to know more about the film, make sure to check out GameSpot's Snake Eyes review. Obviously, the movie centers on the fan-favorite ninja from the original animated series, played by Henry Golding. However, a lot of seeds are planted for a larger GI Joe movie universe--including a hint at what could come in the next film.

    So, did Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins have a post-credits scene? And what does the ending mean for the future of the franchise? Warning: The following contains spoilers for the movie, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading now.

    Instead of a post-credits scene, Snake Eyes has a short mid-credits scene. In it, Tommy Arashikage (Andrew Koji) is preparing for takeoff in a private jet, after leaving his clan and swearing to one day kill Snake Eyes. On the jet, he finds none other than Cobra's second-in-command Baroness (Úrsula Corberó) approaching him with an offer to join their organization. While he doesn't outright accept, he does rechristen himself as Storm Shadow. Of course, anyone who knows the GI Joe franchise even a little bit knew where this was going, but watching him embrace his villainous alter ego was exciting.Continue Reading at GameSpot