Evangelion's Hideaki Anno Explains What Fans Can Expect From Revisions To Thrice Upon A Time

  • The final Evangelion movie, Evangelion: 3.0+1.01 Thrice Upon A Time, will be released on Amazon on August 13, but that's not the version that aired in Japan. During Amazon's Comic-Con At Home panel, creator Hideaki Anno explained that after the movie was released, his team went back and polished up the best they could.

    When asked what fans could expect for this revised version, Anno why he went back and explained the motivation behind doing so. "Creation does not have an end," Anno stated. "Our staff is dedicated to work on projects as long as there is time, so we want to maintain the quality and improve it if time allows us. We don't want to compromise on quality. So basically, that's what our staff is determined to do."

    Anno explained that they stopped working on it because of the deadline, but because of it being moved to Amazon Prime, he explains that means there's more time to get things right.Continue Reading at GameSpot