Activision Blizzard Staff Sign Letter Condemning Official Response To Lawsuit Against The Company

  • Almost 1,000 current and former employees of Activision Blizzard have signed an open letter condemning the company's response to the recent discrimination lawsuit. As reported by Bloomberg, the letter was circulated today as the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft publisher continues to deal with allegations levied against it.

    The lawsuit brought forward by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing documents allegations of abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women. The lawsuit claims that Activision Blizzard "fostered a sexist culture and paid women less than men despite doing substantially similar work, assigned women to lower-level jobs, and promoted them at slower rates than men, and fired or forced women to quit at higher frequencies than men." The lawsuit also claims that black women and other people of color at Activision Blizzard were particularly impacted.

    According to Bloomberg, employees have been upset since the lawsuit was filed, fueled by Activision Blizzard's official statement, which called the lawsuit "distorted, and in many cases false." Many employees reportedly feel that the company is pushing back against legitimate claims about its work culture.Continue Reading at GameSpot