Red Dead Online Update Introduces New Heist, Discounts On Camp Dogs And More

  • Red Dead Online's second "opportunity," or heist, has arrived much sooner than expected, landing in the game today alongside other new Blood Money content and the usual fare of discounts. Besides a suite of weapons and Old West getups, players can even purchase a furry friend for their camp for much less than usual.

    Today's updates can be found on the Rockstar Newswire, but we've detailed them down below for you.

    Steal The Ember Of The East

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    Red Dead Online's newest heist has players going after a valuable flawless ruby, the Ember of the East. The gem is being kept somewhere in Annesburg, but to find out where, players will have to collect enough Capitale, Blood Money's new currency, to take on the mission. The Ember of the East marks the second of three opportunity missions that Rockstar has announced. It's not clear when the third will be added to the game or if more will be released afterward.Continue Reading at GameSpot