Modern Warfare, The Last Of Us Veterans Team Up For New Studio With $100 Million Investment

  • Developers from Call of Duty, The Last of Us, and PlayStation have formed a new studio to make AAA games, and they've received $100 million in funding for their first project.

    The team is called That's No Moon Entertainment Inc (a reference to Star Wars), which is not to be confused with the UK studio No Moon--the latter was founded in 2016. South Korean studio Smilegate (CrossFire) invested more than $100 million into That's No Moon for the new game, which is described as an "ambitious, new action-adventure game that will push the limits of both gameplay and story."

    In a post on the company's website, That's No Moon alluded to the possibility that its new game will be a single-player experience. "We believe in the importance of single-player narrative games and that story and gameplay are not two distinct ideas, but rather extensions of one another," the post says. "Our shared vision is to craft captivating stories and relatable, emotionally resonant characters that are not only entertaining, but thought-provoking. We want to make experiences that will stick with you for long after you put down the controller."Continue Reading at GameSpot