Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide: Move Lists, Stats, And Strategies For All All-Rounder Type Pokemon

  • Pokemon Unite brings with it a brand-new way to play Pokemon, eschewing the normal catch-em-all RPG tropes for an action-focused MOBA experience. As such, the way Pokemon are categorized and implemented in the game is very different from what a seasoned Pokemon trainer might be familiar with. Take the All-Rounder type, a group of Pokemon who don't excel at offense or defense, but perform well enough in both to be used in either situation. The All-Rounder is a good choice for players dipping their toes into the MOBA ocean for the first time, and here we look at all four All-Rounders in the game so far.


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    Charizard is the definition of a well-rounded Pokemon, holding its own on offense, defense, and in scoring. However, being an All-Rounder means the fiery Pokemon can only fly so high before getting burned, making him a liability in the later stages of a match. Our strategic recommendation would be to stay on the offensive early, gaining experience and upgrading to a Flamethrower/Fire Blast set before falling back and defending for the rest of the match. Fire Blast will keep opponents at bay thanks to its large area-of-effect, while Flamethrower can target approaching opponents trying to avoid Fire Blast. If you do prefer being on offense, however, Flare Blitz is a great special attack in one-on-one scenarios.

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