Pokemon Unite Attacker Guide: Move Lists, Stats, And Strategies For All Attacker Type Pokemon

  • With the release of Pokemon Unite, a whole new group of gamers are going to get a taste of a MOBA for the first time ever. This is no ordinary Pokemon game, as it features a completely different format, battle system, and objective, but we are here to lead you through. In this guide we're talking about the offensive-minded character of Pokemon Unite, the Attacker types. Seven different Pokemon from across the franchise's history make up this class, focusing on dealing damage quickly and often. If being in the heat of battle is your style, then the Attacker is for you.

    Alolan Ninetales

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    Alolan Ninetales is classified as an Attacker, but "disruptor" may be a better term. A lot of its moveset revolves around using the environment to its advantage, whether it's blocking paths with Avalanche or creating Blizzard cyclones. Its ability to freeze opponents in place with successful attacks is a boon as well, as it can then get in close to frozen opponents and let the passive Snow Warning take effect. Add the protection of Aurora Veil for it and its teammates and you'll be in business. While some Attackers take a more direct and easier approach to dealing damage, Alolan Ninetales's unpredictable moveset makes it a good choice if you're looking for a more unconventional Pokemon to take into battle..

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