Apex Legends Patch Notes Buff Rampart, Leak A New Gun, And Explain Why Tap-Strafing Had To Go

  • Apex Legends' Evolution update is coming September 14-28, and when it does, it will bring big changes to Rampart alongside the removal of the ability to "tap-strafe" in Respawn's popular battle royale. Oh, and Respawn accidently leaked a new weapon as well.

    The new weapon, the Nemesis Burst AR, appears in a screenshot included in the game's patch notes showcasing the upcoming changes coming to Arenas mode as part of the Evolution event. Respawn director of communications Ryan K. Rigney wrote on Twitter that the weapon is not ready for release and won't be coming any time soon, which might explain why the image of the weapon in the screenshot (seen below) appears to be a placeholder, as it looks just like the already existing R-301 Carbine.

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    Rampart is receiving a major buff with the arrival of the update. Her ultimate ability, the stationary minigun Sheila, is now mobile. Rampart will be able to run with the weapon out and shoot while walking. However, the weapon will have limited ammunition in this mode, and will take longer to spin up. Players can still choose to place Sheila in a stationary position, in which case it will work just as her ultimate always has.Continue Reading at GameSpot