PSA: Destiny 2's Revamped, More Rewarding Trials Of Osiris Kicks Off September 10

  • After the first two weeks off in the Season of the Lost, the Trials of Osiris kicks off again this weekend in Destiny 2. This isn't the Trials you're used to, however--developer Bungie has made significant changes to the toughest competitive challenge in its game, making it more approachable for a wider swathe of players and eliminating some of the most irritating things about the high-level battle.

    Bungie reminded players of the new Trials changes with its This Week at Bungie blog post, although it had previously detailed the adjustments at the start of the season. Essentially, the changes take away some of the things that would often turn players away from the Trials. The mode now tracks your progress differently, allowing you to earn the special, high-quality weapons and armor that are only available during the weekend mode a lot more easily. Its highest rewards, which require you to go "flawless" on a Trials run, remain, but roadblocks that made Trials seem insurmountable to some players in the past are now gone.

    If you're unfamiliar, the Trials of Osiris is a competitive mode that takes Power levels into account and that's only available in Destiny 2 on weekends, running from the daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Friday to the weekly reset at the same time on the following Tuesday. You join a fireteam of three as you fight against other teams in Elimination rounds, with the goal of winning seven such matches in a row--what's known as "going flawless." Win all seven matches with no losses, and you would get access to a special social space called the Lighthouse, where you'd receive high-caliber weapons that weren't available anywhere else in the game.Continue Reading at GameSpot