Halo Infinite's Next Multiplayer Beta Starts This Month, And It's Much Easier To Get In

  • Halo Infinite's next multiplayer beta will begin on September 24, Microsoft has announced. And everyone who registers for the Halo Insider program by September 13 and completes their profile will get in. As such, be sure to sign up for Halo Insider now before you forget.

    As announced previously, this multiplayer beta will be very different from the first one. Not only is 343 inviting more people to play, the beta will feature Big Team Battle and 4v4 Arena Slayer with human-on-human matches instead of exclusively against AI. The next beta will also have the content from the first one, including Weapon Drills and bot matches.

    Community director Brian Jarrard also confirmed that a "training mode" will be available in the next Halo Infinite multiplayer test. He also urged people to sign up for Halo Insider and opt in to the Halo Infinite test to help stress-test the game's servers before launch.Continue Reading at GameSpot