GameStop Says It's Moving Beyond Games, "Evolving" To Become A Technology Company

  • GameStop has laid out its future ambitions, and it's not all about selling video games. The retailer said as part of its latest earnings release that it is taking steps to evolve to become a more general technology company. This won't come as much of a surprise to anyone who has been to a GameStop store or visited the retailer's website in the past few years, as the physical and virtual shelves are populated by plenty of non-gaming items like Funko Pops, clothing, general merchandise, electronics, and other products not strictly tied to gaming.

    Still, GameStop is now putting it in writing that it no longer wants to position itself as a video game company first and foremost.

    "GameStop has two long-term goals: delighting customers and delivering value for stockholders. We are evolving from a video game retailer to a technology company that connects customers with games, entertainment and a wide assortment of products," the retailer said in a filing with the SEC (via Yahoo! Finance). "We are focused on offering vast product selection, competitive pricing and fast shipping--supported by high-touch customer service and a frictionless ecommerce and in-store experience."Continue Reading at GameSpot