How To Watch The Matrix Trilogy And Why It's The Perfect Time To Revisit These Movies

  • With The Matrix Resurrections finally and recently given a release date of December 22, it's time to start thinking about watching the original trilogy either for the very first time, or just to refresh your memory. Whatever the reason--even if you took the wrong pill--the solution is easy enough: HBO Max has The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions on both ad-supported and ad-free tiers. It also has The Animatrix, a collection of nine short films.

    The fourth movie will be both in theaters and that streaming service on that day, right alongside the original three. In fact, it probably wouldn't be a bad reason to get a few rewatches in between now and December, as the new trailer is suggesting a very mind-warping movie is ahead to continue the story. Depending on what you choose to believe, the next entry in the franchise seems to be about Neo reconnecting with his true identity, or coming to terms with how most of his memories have been wiped. It probably makes more sense to just watch this new clip, and decide for yourself.

    To further get people hyped for the film, has also launched. The website will allow you to take your chances and see one of over 180,000 unique teaser videos. Every video features footage from the new movie and narration from the cast. So, that's also something you can try when revisiting the original movies. You can also go further down the rabbit hole by reading this theory about the now-defunct Matrix Online MMO game's relationship to the upcoming film.Continue Reading at GameSpot