GTA Online Weekly Update Gives Extra Rewards To Car Meet And Nightclub Activities

  • GTA Online has new bonuses for the week of September 9, and it's all centered around car meets and nightclubs.

    Get double Rep from any of the LS Car Meet's activities, including Street Race and Pursuit. Increasing your LS Car Meet Rep can get you new car mods and new cosmetics like clothes. If it's your first time and you need to navigate your way to the LS Car Meet, you can find the car meet in Cypress Flats, which is roughly in the South-East area of Los Santos. Additionally, if you win eight Sprint Races in the LS Car Meet, you'll get a Pfister Growler as a reward.

    The Car Meet's Test Track will also let you try out new cars like the Karin Previon and other fancy vehicles. You can test drive these potential purchases in Time Trial and Scramble modes.Continue Reading at GameSpot