How To Complete The Outbreak Black Chest Event In CoD: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies

  • Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded has arrived to Black Ops Cold War, and the mid-season update includes plenty of new Zombies content, with one major highlight being a rewarding new world event in Outbreak. The Black Chest event is a tough challenge to complete, but our guide will help you understand how to complete this challenge, earning powerful rewards for those high rounds of Outbreak.

    The Black Chest world event is definitely one of the most interesting additions to Outbreak's arsenal of world events. Interacting with the Black Chest and completing the event will, as Treyarch describes it, "form a pact with a spirit that will be summoned against enemies when you’re low on health."

    Here are the details of these new Black Chests, and how to complete this world event.Continue Reading at GameSpot