Leaked Redfall Images Suggest That The Game Looks Like Borderlands With Vampires

  • Images for an early build of Arkane's Redfall recently leaked online, reportedly sourced from a playtest of the game. The images first appeared in an anonymous Imgur post--which has since been deleted--but the Internet never forgets and these snapshots are now being shared online.

    Some of those pictures showed off a loadout screen and a testing area with a "Loot Zoo", gameplay elements that hint at a loot-shooter design where players are constantly looking to improve their gear. This idea is further reinforced by another image showing off five tiers of rarity, level-gated weapons, an item shop, and guns having a "scrap" value.

    The leaker also added that Redfall has a "gameplay style/loop [that] is very similar to Borderlands" and that there are six characters to choose from in total. One character allegedly has a drone-like bird sidekick and another can teleport short distances, similar to how players could use the Blink ability in Dishonored. A cunning weapons vendor with a strict no-refund policy has yet to be confirmed.Continue Reading at GameSpot