Best GTA Games: Counting Down The Grand Theft Auto Series From Worst To Best

  • Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series is one of most well known and controversial across the gaming landscape. Known for its over-the-top violence and commentary on politics and pop culture, the series has grown and evolved over the years from a top-down 2D game to one of the biggest and most robust experiences that gaming has to offer. With Grand Theft Auto V set for release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in March 2022--following a recent delay out of 2021-- and rumors of Grand Theft Auto 6 after that, we're taking a look back at the series by highlighting the best GTA games. Below, we've ranked the Grand Theft Auto series from worst to best. Let's dig in.

    10. Grand Theft Auto


    The game that started it all. Grand Theft Auto, which was developed by DMA Design before Rockstar was formed, was released in 1998 for PC. The gameplay involved hijacking cars and zipping around the city, causing as much mayhem as possible and then attempting to escape the law. The game was presented in a top-down perspective, something the series would move away from in later entries. While not exactly fondly remembered by critics, it sold well and its core ideas--being a criminal in an open world with the ability to go anywhere and do anything--proved to be popular with fans.

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