Life Is Strange: True Colors Chapter 5 Guide - Dream Puzzle, Confronting Jed

  • Congrats! You've made it to the end of Life is Strange: True Colors. There aren't many major choices to make in Chapter 5: "Side B" as this chapter delivers on the consequences of your actions. There is, however, one missable choice you'll need to make in order to determine what ending Alex gets. There's an escape room puzzle you have to beat too.

    True Colors can end in several different ways and most of those endings are dependent on decisions you made in Chapters 1-4. So if you're unsatisfied with how Alex's journey ends, you'll need to go back and replay the game. Thankfully, True Colors isn't all that long--you can knock out the game in one or two sittings if you want to. You can also replay certain chapters without affecting Alex's story if you want to go back and nab any Achievements/Trophies that you missed.

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    Chapter 5: "Side B" Walkthrough

    Alex's Dream Puzzle [Mandatory]

    After falling down the mineshaft, Alex has a dream of being locked in the office where she started the game--this is a dream-based escape room, so you'll need to use clues in the environment in order to find your way out.Continue Reading at GameSpot