Bayonetta Creator Says Older Games' Unavailability Is "Holding Game Culture Back"

  • Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya (studio creative director) commented on the frenzy and the sky-high prices attached to certain "vintage" video games, expressing understanding but also pointing out the problems obscenely high prices attached to older games causes--it makes it harder for players to experience classic titles, and this is in his view, "holding game culture back."

    In an interview with VGC, Kamiya stated, "As a collector myself, I understand the lure of wanting to have that game in the sealed package," Kamyia stated. "People want the value of that package and not necessarily of the game itself. But as a fan, it's a problem if somebody wants to play a game but they can’t get it because it's being traded in these ridiculous marketplaces."

    He continued, "And the responsibility for keeping those games available belongs to the company that owns the IP. If people want to play a classic game and they can't, because it's not available on new platforms and can't be found in its original form either, that's like a threat ... it's holding game culture back. The people who own the rights to these games should be actively making moves to preserve game culture and making games available to everyone who wants to play them."Continue Reading at GameSpot