With Big E As WWE Champion, We Need New Day Vs. Bloodline At Survivor Series

  • On the September 13 episode of Monday Night Raw, Big E did exactly what he said he would do, and succeeding in cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to become the new WWE Champion. His victory was celebrated throughout the WWE Universe and on social media, even across to Smackdown where reigning Universal Champion Roman Reigns seemingly endorsed the win.

    "Smart decision," Reigns said. Simple, but could bear a double meaning. Was it smart to choose Bobby Lashley over Roman since he might have actually had a chance at winning? After winning the briefcase, Big E taunted Reigns and Paul Heyman in backstage bits for months, teasing that Roman would be the one.

    Now, with Big E as champion not only does Extreme Rules need to change up, but what could also be down the line when Survivor Series rolls around. In recent years, Survivor Series has been rebranded the only time WWE has cross-brand matches with superstars and champions from Raw and Smackdown wrestling each other.Continue Reading at GameSpot