Sea of Thieves Season 4 Trailer Shows There Is Plenty To Plunder Under The Sea

  • Sea of Thieves' latest season is on the horizon, and this time it will take players into the dark depths of the sea to battle against the game's Siren enemies.

    As a new trailer details, Season 4 will add multiple new activities for players to engage with, each taking place underneath the waves. New Siren shrines have been added to the map for players to explore. Each shrine is a unique experience, and treasure awaits players who can overcome the challenges within.

    For players looking for a more combat-focused experience, Siren Treasuries will task players with overcoming waves of Siren enemies in order to secure the coveted loot inside. Carrying so much treasure from the bottom of the ocean to the surface certainly sounds time consuming, so players can actually store treasure found under the ocean at nearby Merfolk statues. Once players return to the surface, the treasure can then be claimed from a helpful Merfolk and placed onto a player's ship.Continue Reading at GameSpot