Genshin Impact Combat Guide: Elemental Types, Attack Patterns, And More Explained

  • There are plenty of aspects to Genshin Impact, but one of the most important is combat. The majority of the game's exploration and missions will involve combat of some kind, so it's important to have a basic understanding of how it works. Here is a rundown of the combat and elemental types in Genshin Impact.

    The basics

    Beidou, an electric claymore user
    Beidou, an electric claymore user

    The basic act of combat is relatively simple on the surface, but every single character has a slight variation to how they attack and their attack speed. One of the most important things to know upfront is what type of weapon each character in your party uses, the range of that weapon, and the speed at which that character attacks. There are five types of weapons in the game. Catalysts and bows work best at long-range, claymores and polearms are well-suited to mid-range, and swords are ideal for close-range fights.

    Each weapon has a rapid attack pattern, which can be used by repeatedly pressing the attack button, as well as a charged attack. The charged attack for all weapons, except for the bow, can be used by holding the attack button, which will consume a portion of the stamina meter. The charge attack for bows can be used by aiming down sights and holding the attack button. Attack patterns and charge attacks vary from character to character, so it's important to be familiar with the speed and movement of each character in your party.Continue Reading at GameSpot