PS Plus's Version Of Godfall Isn't The Full Game; Here's What's Coming To PS5 And PC

  • One of December's free PlayStation Plus games is a new version of the PS5 launch title Godfall, called the Challenger Edition. But what exactly is this version of the game? In a blog post, game director Daniel Nordlander confirmed that the Challenger Edition includes Godfall's three endgame modes, but none of the preceding story content from the base game or the Fire & Darkness expansions.

    The Challenger Edition launches on December 7, the day it goes free on PS Plus, and it will be remain free until January 3. After that, people can buy it for $15 USD. The Challenger Edition is also coming to the Epic Games Store on PC and it will be free from December 9-16.

    Players who want to play the full campaign and the expansions are advised to pick up the Deluxe edition, which normally sells for $60 but is currently on sale for $30 through December 23.Continue Reading at GameSpot