How To Make Custom Treasure Maps In Sea Of Thieves: Quest Board And How To Bury Treasure

  • In Sea of Thieves Season 5, user-generated content has come to the game in the form of the new Quest Board, a place where players can leave their custom treasure maps for other players to discover. When players complete these quests, both they and the map-makers will reap the rewards. Here's how to create or play custom treasure maps in Sea of Thieves, as well as how to bury treasure yourself.

    Sea of Thieves custom maps via the Quest Board

    Starting with the launch of Sea of Thieves Season 5, new Quest Boards will appear at every Outpost and Seapost in the game, and each one will feature unique, player-created treasure maps that can hide whatever secrets their original creators deemed worthy of a quest. To find a Quest Board, look for it near the Shipwright's Shop on any Outpost--and if you're on one of the tiny Seaposts, you surely won't miss it.

    Every Outpost and Seapost now features a Quest Board.
    Every Outpost and Seapost now features a Quest Board.

    Interacting with it reveals two categories: the available quests and a My Maps section. The available quests section features the user-created maps already pinned to the board, and you can add up to five of them to your quest radial menu per day. This upper limit is likely to prevent players from boosting gold and glory with overly basic quests. You can see which island you'll be heading to, but you can't see its number of loot stashes until you've added it to your inventory.Continue Reading at GameSpot