Fortnite Patch Presents New Year Lunar Items for xbox one

  • Fortnite is working once more, and the v.2.5.0 fix is on the web. The refresh brings new skins and incredible Lunar New Year weapons, another grenade and 4K support on Xbox One X.

    The full list of patch notes was launched today and, notwithstanding various bugfixes, there is another grenade that has limited suplly and treasure boxes, and numerous new Dragon weapons to celebrate Lunar New Year.

    Lunar New Year gaints have additionally been included with four new packs, as Berserker, Thunderstrike, Riot Control and Flash:

    Berserker: An overcome officer who hurries to battle point-clear with War Cry and Shockwave.

    Thunderstrike: A ninja that spotlights on extraordinary close-by enemy and endeavours that are planning to manage other harm.

    Mob Control: Constructor concentrated on controlling the combat zone with DECOY and taking out parcels of foes with the plasma heartbeat.

    Flash - An elusive Outlander who uses Phase Shift to stun and escape from groups of enemies.

    Players would now be able to look for treasure in the "Themed Shrines" that can be found on the guide and in Spring It On. The occasion is live with grants that incorporate the amazing fighter Love Trooper Jones, a choice of three incredible Dragon Range weapons, another and unbelievable scuffle safeguard, Firecracker tickets, V-Bucks and Spring It On season. gold

    On the PlayStation 4 side, Epic Games worked with Sony to "resolve the issue that occurred for some Fortnite players in which patches took longer to download than they should." In the meantime, on Xbox One X, support for 4k has been included.

    Fortnite included a Battle Royale highlight a year ago and saw the base of players reach more than 7 million. Simply this month, the games outperformed the PC PlayerUnknown player record of around 200,000, as it achieved 3.4 million members almost two weeks prior.