5 hacks every gamer should know

  • Games are fun and gamers want best experience they can get in virtual world of games. Whether you are a console gamer or pc gamer, there are somethings you should consider for best gaming experience. These games will help you to play games without some of the necessary tools and accessories. So, let’s get started

    1. Using PS Vita as PS4 Controller:

    If you don’t have PS4 controller or your controller has been malfunctioned, you can use PS vita as gaming controller, it will work without any fault and you don’t need to buy extra PS4 Controller. You just need to enable remote play on PS4 and sign in as a guest.

    1. Using Game mode in TV for reducing lag:

    Modern Tv monitors are equipped with game mode – a setting or option in setting that will reduce gameplay lag and by this way it will enhance experience of your game play. It is one the best thing you can do without changing or modifying anything else. The performance of COD and other shooting games will drastically increase.

    1. Use Emulators for playing classic and old games:

    If you are nostalgic person who wants to play games from 1980s or 90s, but your system’s hardware and software is latest and it doesn’t support playing older games. Here emulators come in action. There are number of emulators available for different obsolete platforms. These emulators will let you enjoy old memories and for that you don’t need to change your system. Search on google any emulator you want. For example, you want to play java games on pc then you can get SJ boy emulator or for Nintendo, get Project 64 emulator. For PS2 games, get pcsx 2 emulator.

    1. Holder for your headphones:

    If you want a holder for your headphone in cheap price and from which you can pick headset easily then buy banana stand. Banana stand is simple and stylish. It looks minimalist yet attractive.

    1. Protect your eyes:

    Being a gamer, most of your time is spent on pc monitor. It is enjoyable but it may damage your eyes in a serious way. To avoid eye damage or any kind of eye problems. Use screen filters! Yeah same filters like we used with old PCs! Just kidding cathode ray monitor damages eye more than LCD or led. So now you can use screen privacy protectors as filters, they block harmful light. But now, software solutions are available for these problems. You don’t need to buy filter and can save couple of bucks. F.lux is one of the best screen filter available for free.

    These 5 hacks will let you enhance your gaming experience. Although these are minor hacks but believe me! These will help you enjoy in a better way. Keep visiting for more tips, hacks and other things related to games and entertainment.