Top 6 must play games on PC, Xbox and PS4 in 2018

  • Hardcore gamer and the users who play games occasionally likes to play latest games. 2018 is the best year for gamer because as we are moving in future, games become more realistic and more enjoyable. You may play retro game for getting nostalgic feeling, but everybody wants best graphics for more immersive experience. We have compiled a list of games with a short review that you’d love playing. Here are top 6 games which have released and will be released in 2018. All these games are single player games.

    1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

    It is an action game by Warhorse Studios available on 3 major platforms Xbox, PC and PlayStation 4. It is set in the medieval era in the kingdom of Bohemia which was the state of Roman Empire. The story is set in 1400AD. As far as the clothing and weapons are concerned, these match with the medieval times. The game is an open world type and first-person perspective is used which uses classless Roleplaying system. The players can change their skills, looks, weapon and complete role. Critics have liked the PC version as it delivered best performance, however, PS4 and Xbox version marked “average”.

    1. God of War 4:

      God of war 4 is PlayStation 4 exclusive game which is of third-person action adventure nature. It will be released on 20 April 2018. It will be eight installments in God of war series. Unlike old games in the series, this one is based on Norse Mythology. For those who don’t know, its north Germanic mythology. Since the game hasn’t released yet so we are unable to comment on the game play, however, pre-release thoughts are positive. It is expected that game will be reviewed as positive. It is yet to see how well it performs, once it is out.
    1. Spider-Man:

    It is based on Super Hero Spider man, an upcoming action game. It is slated to be released in the end of 1st quarter of 2018 on PlayStation 4. It will feature a new story of spider man, very different from what we have seen or heard up till now. As far as gameplay is concerned, it will be an open world game set in New York, the perspective will be third person. Combat, stealth features will also be included in the game. As far as impressions are concerned, we still have no idea, but since it is releasing in 2018, it will be highly realistic and you shouldn’t miss it.

    1. Metro Exodus:

    Metro Exodus is an upcoming post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game. It will also feature horror and stealth features. It is set in Post-apocalyptic Russia in the year 2036 after nuclear war that was happen 23 years ago. There are mutated creatures and player has to fight with them. It may be similar with Zombie apocalypse style game but the difference is that its set in nuclear winter age so the player has to cope with nuclear hazards or radiations as well. It will be released for all major platforms like Pc, PlayStation and Xbox. It is going to be released in later half of 2018. It should be on your list.

    1. Days Gone:

    Days Gone is PlayStation 4 exclusive upcoming action adventure game which is to be released on June 26, 2018. It is set in post-apocalyptic world which was the result of some sort of pandemic of global nature. It will be an open world game and the perspective will be of third person.

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2:

    It is an action adventure game which is yet to be released by Rockstar games. It will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is set in open world; the game is controlled from third person perspective. Single and multiplayer both are supported online. It will be one of the highest selling games. The teaser has revealed about story and graphics which are up to the standards of 2018 games.


    All these games should be must play in 2018. Many of them belong to the post-apocalyptic era which is fun to play and most gamer like it. We will be posting more details and more news relating to games, entertainment and technology. Keep visiting.