6 best Virtual Reality Games of 2018

  • Technology is advancing and virtual reality is getting famous in all over the world. Games have also changed much with the introduction and widespread of Virtual reality. Now many companies like HTC, Google, Oculus are making VR headsets for mobiles and computers and the purpose is to give immersive experience in the game. Along with VR systems, 3 monitor systems are also used which give somewhat immersive experience. But it has no match with Virtual reality headsets which gives you true immersive experience and it will also change your sense of reality. So, today we will tell you about best virtual reality games. The game quality cannot be compared to the quality of monitor since both of these are very different products. You should check these games if you have VR headset. So here is our list of 6 Virtual reality games that you should play.

    1. House of the dying sun: 

    This game is for the fans of Battle Star Galactica. This game is sort of space hunting game in which you have to kill opponent in space combat. The ships are to be destroyed. It will give you immersive combat experience that you have experienced yet. It works with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It can be purchased from here.

    1. Minecraft VR: 

    It's an old game that you might have played on Pc or console. This is the VR version of that game which lets you imagine that you are in Minecraft world (Sort of). You can play it standing with your VR controller and you can also move around. It is available for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift. Here is the link to download.

    Oculus: This link

    Vive: Check this link

    1. The Climb: 

    Ever wanted to climb a mountain but you don’t have strength and courage? This game is for you then and you can experience how does it feel like climbing a mountain. This game doesn’t have shooting or something like that. You should try this to experience like you are hiking. It is only available for RIFT. Download from here.

    1. Lone Echo: 

    Lone echo is also a space-based game set in the era of artificial intelligence. Much more immersive experience than other games. It can only be played with VR motion controller. Here is the link for oculus.

    1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew 

    If you love star trek series then you should definitely try this game. It gives you an immersive experience and you’ll feel like you are in a starship. Yes! Bridge of starship enterprise. You’ll need to manage different operations like engineering, tactical systems etc. it will be fun if you like to be a part of space enterprise. Here is the link to download.

    Oculus: Link

    Vive: Link

    1. Elite: Dangerous:  

    It is also space VR game that gives you immersive experience in space. It lets you in different roles like space junkeie if you want to be a bounty hunter. It gives you all those options. it is available on both types of controllers like Oculus and vive. Here are the links.

    Oculus: Link

    Vive: Link

    All these games give you the best experience that you’ve never experienced in playing regular pc and console games. Though these are not so extensive story wise still these are must to try. We will post more articles regarding games, technology and entertainment. So please keep visiting. Also, you can tell us what you want to see on our site. Your feedback is highly welcomed.