Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus has announced! Specs and Should You Buy it?

  • Yesterday Samsung announced its 2018 Flagship phone Galaxy S9 and S9 plus in MWC 2018. It’s 9th Galaxy S Series smartphone which is the flagship series. Galaxy S9 announced after 9 years of original Galaxy S, brings new features that we’ve never found on Galaxy S Series smartphone.  Especially in camera and software. We are going to give you a complete review of specs, designs and pricing of the Samsung latest flagship. We will see should you buy it or not.

    1. Galaxy S9 and S9 plus Specifications:

    Galaxy S9 features 5.8-inch quad HD curved Super AMOLED 18:9 ration Screen covered with Gorilla Glass 5, 4Gb of ram, 64/128/256 GB of internal Storage. it is powered by Exynos 9810 CPU internationally while US version comes with Snapdragon 845. It is waterproof ip68 certified. 12Mp rear and 8Mp front camera. Now it seems low on paper but it has some unique feature and we will talk about them later. As far as battery is concerned, it has 3000 mah battery. VR support, Wireless charging are main features. Galaxy S9 plus has same hardware except for the screen, camera and battery. It comes with 6.2-inch screen and Dual 12 MP camera of different aperture and Focal length. It also features bigger battery 3500 mAH.

    1. Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Camera:

    The camera of Galaxy S9 and s9 plus seems average for a flagship on paper, however, it has several unique features. Though Galaxy S9 has a single camera it has an awesome feature called “Variable Aperture” it lets the phone capture a better-quality photo. As in daylight aperture is f/2.4 while in the night or low light it is f/1.5. it means you are going to get best quality photos. The aperture is automatic and its effect is awesome also in the video with OIS. As far as video is concerned, it lets your record slow motion video up to 960 fps. As far as Camera of S9 plus is considered, it has dual camera both are 12MP, and features are same as of Note 8 camera and s9 camera. the picture quality is top notch. The front camera is 8Mp and features facial recognition.

    1. Galaxy S9 design.

    The design of galaxy s9 is identical to galaxy note 8. The screen edges are same like note 8. However, one big change is there. The fingerprint has moved to centre. As the fingerprint of Galaxy S8 was on the side and it made difficult to open phone thorough fingerprint. However, this is now not a problem is galaxy s9. Majority of Samsung loyal fans asked to do this. We have seen this in galaxy A series. Remaining design is identical to last year flagship model s8 and note 8.

    1. Galaxy S9 software:

    Galaxy S9 comes with Android 8 Oreo out of the box with Samsung experience 9 which is much improved than previous Samsung touch wiz. The software is smooth and it features Samsung in-house digital assistant Bixby. The battery life has improved a lot after S7. S8 had an impressive battery and so is the case with Galaxy S9.

    1. Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus screen:

    Galaxy S9 and S9 plus features Super AMOLED quad HD Screen which is one of the best screens on the market. It is brighter than s8 and Galaxy Note 8.

    1. Additional Features:

    Galaxy s9 and S9 plus have some additional features like New deX support, AR reality feature in the camera, Bixby live translation. Iris scanner has also improved much.

    1. S9 and S9 plus price:

    The official unlocked S9 price is 719$ if you buy the 64Gb version from Samsung store. Whereas S9 plus price is about 840 to 900$.

    1. Should you buy it or not?

    It depends on your budget and which phone you are currently using. if you are currently using Galaxy S8, S8 + or Note 8. Then “no way” don’t buy it as you recently bought those phones. So, it is not worth upgrading. However, if you are using older models like s7, s7 edge, s6, s6edge, note 5 or Apple iPhone 7 and want to switch to Samsung then definitely you should buy S9 or s9 plus. What I mean is if you are using 2017 flagship phone then no need to buy this because it is not a huge upgrade from last year’s model.

    1. Which phone is better? S9 or s9 plus?

    It again depends on your liking, if you like big screen then go for S9 plus and if you like small screen then go for S9. However, we suggest you consider S9 plus as it has a larger battery. Dual camera and 120$ more expensive which is not much if you are going to spend 700$. We hope it cleared all your questions if you were considering to upgrade your smartphone. Keep visiting our site for latest technology, Gaming and entertainment news.