Limited time offer to catch a Pikachu for Pokémon Go players

  • Pokemon Go developer Niantic is giving a chance to players to capture rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Players of Pokemon Go will now be able to capture a special Pikachu, it is exclusive and cannot be learned in the mobile game.

    From today until 4 PM ET 28 February, the players will be able to capture a beautiful Pikachu that is wearing a party hat. It is same as of last year’s Pokémon Day Celebration.  This is the legacy of last year’s related to the party hat.

    Players can also earn triple the normal amount of Stardust they receive for every special Pikachu they will capture. The new trainer items are same like the ones worn by Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen heroes that are available to purchase from the pokemon go in-game shop. Here is the new outfit you can see. 

    The Pokemon Day is occurring with the anniversary of original Pokemon Go red and Green versions released on 27 February 1996. The Pokemon go company is announcing new Pikachu Talk App for Amazon Alexa and Google Home alongside with Special Pikachu Go. It will allow users to ask Pikachu several questions and respond with signature voice.

    The Pokemon Company is also releasing Snapchat filters based on the three starter Pokemon from the Kanto Region. The new merchandise will also add to Pokemon online Center store. It includes legendary Pokemon pin sets and new Charizard gallery figure that will start a new line of larger pokemon figures.

    You must check this out as it will be more fun to capture an especially spoken pika. Pokemon Go players have more chance to capture the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. The Rayquaza will show in Raid Battles on 16 March 2018. So, check it out as you’ll enjoy playing it. More news will be posted soon. Keep visiting for Technology, entertainment and Gaming news.