Best gaming mouse you should have!

  • Best gaming mouse you should have!


    Gaming is passion and gamers spend 1 to 2 thousand dollars on making an excellent powerful gaming PC a.k.a Gaming Rig. But what they forget to get is a good mouse. Using $10 mouse gets the job done but it is not fun playing games with a cheap mouse. So to spice up your gaming experience, you need to invest in a good mouse. Believe me, it will worth! You might be thinking that mouse is a mouse, gaming mouse has some extra buttons just so what a big deal! Well, mouse plays a vital role in games especially shooting or combat games in which precision is required. Cheap mouse won’t give you good precision and no matter how good your gaming pc is, you’ll miss the target. So we suggest you invest in a good gaming mouse. Here is some top gaming mouse you can get.

    1. Asus ROG Spatha – Best for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games 

    Asus ROG Spatha is a mouse giant. It is made from high quality material. Feel and grip is awesome. It has RGB lighting that entice your gaming experience. Highly customizable and easy to use for all games. It has 12 programmable buttons that you can set according to your needs. It has 8200 DPI which is highly precise. Software is also upgradeable which makes it future proof. It is best for Massively Multiplayer Online games It has some downsides though. It is too heavy for some users and since its big so users who have small hands won’t handle it efficiently. Available on Amazon in $ 200.

    1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

    Logitech is also a nice and reputed brand when it comes to mouse keyboard and speakers. The built quality is premium. It has nice spectrum lighting that gives nice looks. Up to 12000DPI is highly precise. It is also equipped with gaming suit that is easy to use. The buttons are also programmable that again, lets you choose according to your need. It has amazing ambidextrous design for every grip style. It’s also Best in class performance.

    1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma (Budget Mouse

    Razer Death Adder chroma is a budget mouse with excellent feature and it is regarded as of the best budget mouse available in the market. Construction quality is high, buttons are easily customizable.

    1. Corsair Sabre RGB (first-person shooter Budget Mouse) 

    It is also one of the best budget mouse. It has best DPI with is 10000 DPI. RGB lighting is also excellent. It is best to budget range mouse for gamers. Best for FPS games.

    1. Corsair M65 Pro RGB- best for FPS gaming


    Corsair M65 Pro RGB is one of the best mouse for first-person shooting games. It has 12000DPI which makes playing game more fun. It has excellent built quality and price and quality are fine. It doesn’t feel overpriced at all. The sniper button helps adjust the DPI on the fly, making it a really good addition.


    All these mouse are much better than the traditional mouse. So, the thing about investing in good mouse now. These are bit pricey but for gamers, it’s not much pricy as these are made for the sole purpose of providing quality gaming experience.