Best cheap graphics cards in $100 for New Gamers

  • If you are planning to build a PC which is not so expensive and will let you play games then you need to have a graphics card. However, finding a graphics card in the budget range is really a hard task and the reason is that none of those gives a top-class performance. But, as you are looking for a card in the budget range, there is some good graphics card that will let you play games smoothly. As you are building a budget pc to start gaming, or if you are an occasional gamer, the budget graphics card is more than enough for you. We will help you choose a good gaming graphics card which is best for your entry level pc. Here is some best budget range graphics card. These will let you play games in medium settings. Some of the games can be played in high settings also.

    1. Sapphire RX 550 

    The RX 550 is as of now the best card under $100. With a 1206MHz base clock and 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM, the Sapphire RX 550 is fit for taking care of any amusement on a 1080p screen. You should drop the settings for all the more requesting amusements, however for a reasonable section level video card, the RX 550 is a strong choice.

    1. Sapphire RX 460 


    The RX 460 can easily deal with overclocking and is worked with a 4+1 power stage outline. This gives you a steadier voltage yield and enables it to perform at a lower temperature.

    Through AMD's Catalyst Control Center you can associate with the GPU to screen and tune execution and change clock speeds, voltage, fan execution, and your energy target.

    1. EVGA GT 730  

    The EVGA GT 730 is a cheap video graphics card that costs under $100. It's most likely not a perfect choice for new pc, but rather if you require a shoddy move up to a maturing framework it merits considering. It offers a center clock with 700 MHz of energy and incorporates 4 GB of video memory.

    1. Gigabyte R7 240

    For a gamer on a budget who is hoping to update a PC, the Gigabyte R7 240 is a respectable shabby alternative. It can take dual monitors at up to 4k determination (clearly not while playing amusements, however) and has an inviting UI you can use to change and redo your gaming knowledge.

    1. ASUS GT 710  

    This one is super cheap Graphics cards in $50. With an NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 motor at its center, the ASUS GT 710 is better than the budget card at an incredibly low cost. Coming in at the highest point of the $50 or less classification, it tickers 954 MHz and has 2 GB of DDR3 memory, which ought to enable you to play most games on low settings.


    So, these cards could be a better option for you. Please do note that doesn’t expect top-notch performance from these. However, these will let you enjoy games and the money you invest worth the performance you will get.