Best Free iOS Applications for iPhone

  • iPhone is famous for its high security and bug-free software which is very easy to use. Usually, iPhone users find it much better than android. iOS apps are easier to use and can control iPhone. The problem is that most of the iPhone applications are paid which are very costly. However, there are some free very nice applications are also available that lets you customize your Apple iPhone. iPhone apps can perform many wonders. So, let's see some free useful applications.

    1. 1Password: 

    1password is a good password manager that takes care of your passwords and you don’t need to remember all passwords. 1Password sync mobile passwords with your desktop. All passwords are secured and all you need to just remember just one password and this app will remember rest of difficult passwords. Download link.

    1. Spotify: 

    It is a free application for music. It has a huge library which has almost all the famous songs. It also has radio option which iPhone lacks. You can also save your favorite songs to listen offline. However, there are ads which can be removed but for that, you need to purchase a premium version. It’s good if you are ok with ads. Download link.

    1. Evernote: 

    Evernote is one of the best application to save your notes. These notes are then synced so you can access it on other devices like iPad, pc, MacBook. It can also handle audio files. Download Link.

    1. Prisma: 

    Prisma is a photograph channel application that is not at all like some other. Rather than tinting your photographs which any photograph application can do, Prisma stacks unbelievably itemized channels—numerous mirroring acclaimed craftsmen—to make really one of a kind pic. It's likewise been refreshed to help video and the most amazing thing about the application is that these impacts can be connected super rapidly, so you can share your most recent creation at the earliest opportunity. Download Link.

    1. Snap speed:  

    It is the best picture editing application for iPhone. The picture editing is required because the camera does not always take best images. This app lets you do basic image editing. It does a better job when you don’t have a computer to edit your images. Download Link.

    1. Swiftkey: 

    Swiftkey is the beautiful keyboard for iOS and Android. This keyboard provides you better typing experience and better User interface. It lets you type even faster than stock keyboard. Download Link.

    All these apps are best free applications. These applications let you customize your phone as these options are not available on iPhone by default. Keep visiting for more updates on technology, games, and entertainment.