Latest best Budget gaming monitors in 2018

  • Games are fun and most people like to play games. Graphics card matter most in good gaming performance. But monitors are usually neglected and generic monitors are used for gaming. Gaming monitors are specialized monitors made for the optimum performance of gaming. So, here are some good monitors you can buy

    1. Dell S2418HN infinity edge: 

    Dell is a famous company for computers, laptops, monitors. This monitor is 24 inches full HD monitor. It has thin bezels which makes it borderless monitor. It is LED backlit monitor and capable of 60 fps games. As far as the features are concerned, it has HDR, Reduced eye strain and AMD free sync features. Now let’s talk about its downsides. No one thing is that it has fewer connectivity options as it has only VGA and HDMI options. 2nd thing is that AMD free sync only works with AMD GPUs and NVIDIA user has no advantage over it. You can buy it from Amazon.

    1. HP VH240a

    It has same specs are of Dell monitor, 24 inches IPS LCD Screen with 1080p resolution and 60hz refresh rate. It is adjustable and also has built-in speakers which give you good sound. It doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack so you need to use HDMI port. The con of this monitor is that it lacks connectivity. Avialable on Amazon.

    1. ASUS VX24AH:

    ASUS is also a good brand in computers, laptop, and monitors. This monitor is the 24-inch 2160p screen. Now you might be thinking that higher resolution means lower performance, but it is not the case. This monitor is IPS LCD Screen and the refresh rate is 60hz and response time is 5ms which is good in this price. It also has 2 speakers which are good for casual listening, however, these don’t provide the best experience when it comes to gaming. It has eye care technology and Asus SplendidPlus™ which makes viewing angle better. It is a good monitor at this price point. However, it lacks some things like it is not adjustable and the quality of the speaker is not that great. Apart from that, it is a good monitor. Available at Amazon.

    These are some good monitors which you can buy at cheap price. Please do note that these won’t give you best quality or best experience in all sections. However, these make your gaming experience better than an ordinary monitor. Also, note that all of these have 60hz refresh rate which is quite fine for a normal gamer. If you are an extreme gamer, then you should invest in a high-end monitor that is big, had 4k resolution and better refresh rate. We will be covering those monitors soon. Keep visiting for articles on technology, games, and entertainment.