Best online shopping stores in 2018

  • Shopping is one of the essential things in life and it is also tiresome or hectic to go in markets. There are many malls and markets available but to find a right product is difficult. But now because of technology, shopping becomes easy and the online shopping trend is increasing day by day and there are many online stores available which has eased our life as you don’t need to go and just order from the comfort of your home. Now it is difficult to check which is fake store and which one is original. So, we have made a list of top online shopping sites which are original and have quality products.

    1. eBay: 

    eBay is top website for online shopping. Almost everything is available on this site and there are thousands of sellers available. But you need to take care while purchasing from this store. You must check the rating of the seller and then order. If you see a good rating only then purchase.

    2. Amazon:

    Amazon is also top of the line website for an online shopping site. Everything from clothing to electronics, e-books to printed books in short everything from a needle to plain (sort of) is available on it. Amazon is available in most of the countries. Here again, you need to check the rating of the seller. Don’t worry your money is secured by online stores. It just takes sometimes more time to get a refund. So please be careful, however, don’t worry as it is one of the best trusted sites for online shopping.

    1. AliExpress:  

    AliExpress is Chinese website from Alibaba group. AliExpress is the cheapest online shopping site and they are providing shipping all around the world. It is also available in Pakistan where Amazon, eBay are not available. The payment method of AliExpress is secure and the products are of very high quality. It is much cheaper than Amazon and eBay. The shipping time is usually between 15 to 30 days depends upon the region. All major cards like master card, visa card option are available.

    1. Ali baba:

    Alibaba and AliExpress are same, the only difference is that the AliExpress is for the consumer while Alibaba is wholesaler site. Means on Alibaba you cannot get 1 product, they sell usually in bulk at a very cheap rate and it is suitable for retailers.

    1. Daraz: is no.1 Pakistani online shopping site which provides service of cash on delivery. It is one of the biggest online stores. The rates are bit higher than offline market but considering facility it provides, rates are fine. Cash on delivery is more trustworthy than the sites on which advance payment is must.

    1. Wish:

    Wish is also a famous online store and it is Chinese store. The advantage of using this store is that there are many promotions which let you purchase products at a very low price. The payment method is visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Payment is to be made in advance which means no cash on delivery option is available. Many products are free and you just need to pay to ship.

    All these online shopping sites are trustworthy and let you purchase your favorite product from the comfort of your home. It’s up to you which one you choose. Some other sites are banggood, and gear best you should also check these out. Also, the number of techniques is available you can use to purchase online smartly and you can save much money. We will make a tutorial on that soon which will let you purchase things at discount. E-commerce is one of the biggest markets. Keep visiting for more updates on technology, entertainment and games.