Players unknown battle ground is now available on mobile

  • Battle royal game Players Unknown Battle Ground PBUG is now available on android devices. It is a beta version of the game which mean that there will be some glitches in the game and you have to play it like this. However, that is not a big issue, real thing is that finally PBUG has made its way to mobile phones. 

    If you don’t know about the games then for your information, player’s unknown battle Ground is third person multiplayer shooter game in which you need to fight other players for your survival. When the game begins, the players are dropped from the plane on a random island. The game ends when all players are killed except one.  It seems an easy task but it is not at all, you need to use weapons and other tools like armour and vehicles to help you in killing other players. If you don’t use other tools than you won’t survive. 

    The Android version of the game is almost close to the original one. It will use unreal engine and a map of 8 by 8-kilometre map. The original PBUG was not free and its price was around $29, but the android version of the game is free to play. The game is regarded as one of the best games available at the time of release in its genre. The game is still in beta version and only available for android, there is no iOS version of the game available and no cross-platform versions. Some time ago Fortnight was released for iOS. Currently, there are no news whether there will be iOS and Cross platform version or not. However, for more updates you can visit our site. We post stuff related to technology, gaming and entertainment.