How to Earn money online without investment

  • Many people want to earn money but they usually don’t have an investment to start earning and investment is required to earn by any offline method. For those people, there is an opportunity that they can earn money online without investment. Yes, start earning online without investment is possible and in present times, people are adopting this.

    Requirements for Earning online without investment:

        Now the thing is that one can earn without investing any money, but for that, there are some requirements. First thing is that One must possess some skill. Skill can be of any type, for example, one can be skilled in Writing, painting, singing, cooking, business ideas, mentorship, teaching, fixing things of the different kind etc. Formal education is required for some skills like teaching requires a sound educational background. But to be skilled doesn’t generally requires a formal education. The second thing is most important to start earning online is that one must know how to use computer and internet. One doesn’t need to have advanced computer and internet knowledge but one must have a basic level of understanding of the computer. If one doesn’t know, one must learn it first and then look for earning online.

    Methods of Earning without investment

        There are number of methods to earn money online without investment and it varies from person to person since the purpose varies. Here are some most common and easy methods. 

    1. Freelancing: 

    Freelancing means to offer one’s services without a long-term commitment to one client and to work whenever one wants and from home. A freelancer can also be called self-employed. A freelancer can provide service in which one has expertise in computer programming, graphic designing, teaching some skill, Giving coaching, etc. Since freelancer is not committed to a person or a company for long-term, one can change services one offers. There are many platforms which provide one opportunity to work as a freelancer without investing any money. Here are some websites to start freelancing which are trusted.



    1. YouTube:

    YouTube is also a great platform to earn money online without investment. One can create a channel on YouTube and make videos like teaching some skill or vlog or any kind of video one likes. People are presenting their skills on channels like they teach how to cook, relationship advice, business advice, technology related solutions, sports and game channels, entertainment like singing and acting. So, people are earning without investing a single penny just by some skills they acquired or by sharing information and ideas they have. One should consider this to start earning without investment because, in the long run, it will pay much. visit  


    1. Becoming a Consultant:

    Now, this is another way to start earning online. Consultancy is the thing many people require in life. It is of different type like business consultancy, relationship consultant, financial advice, consultancy on web development etc. Consultants are experts in some field and they charge for their services. To become a consultant, one can create a blog, Facebook page, Linked In or can use Skype or phone call.


    1. Become an Affiliate:

    This is also one of the easy things to start earning money online without investment. Now please note that it’s easy to start but still needs hard work. One can become an affiliate of online stores like Ebay, Aliexpress, Alibaba and Amazon. One can use one’s YouTube channel or blog to post a link to the products and in return, one will get commission without investment.

    1. Article Writing:


    Article writing is also one of the most common works one can do online without investing money. Articles are the backbone of the internet because the major source of information on the internet is in the form of text. Articles can be written on any niche like news, analysis, informational, promotional. One can create one’s own blog for free to start earning from articles.


    In this article, requirements and ways to earning without investment have been discussed. One must have internet connections and pc or laptop to start. It’s without investing money but still one needs to invest time and work consistently to earn enough money. All these methods can help one to earn money online without investment but one must have the skill and want to utilize it.