Unlock 'Mirage' without microtransactions in Apex Legends -Trick & Hacks

  • Mirage is a unique looking character. Using technology to create holograms of himself, he can be used to misdirect other squads while you sneak up and destroy them. Both Caustic and Mirage are the only two Legends stuck behind a paywall, so you will need some Apex coins to get them out.

    What if you hate spending money in games?

    There is a way to unlock Mirage without spending your hard-earned pennies but it can't be done on day one. Each time you level up you are awarded 600 legend tokens and you can unlock the Player characters at 12,000 tokens. That means you will need to reach level 20 before you can "purchase" them for free.

    If you can't wait that long or you are happy to give Respawn some money, here is the quickest way to do it.

    How to unlock mirage

    Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Head over to the The Microsoft Store to pick up at least 1,000 Apex Coins.
    2. Log in to your Xbox account to make sure your Apex Coins go to the right account.

    3. Turn on your Xbox One.
    4. Launch Apex Legends.
    5. In the main character select screen, press RB to navigate over to the Store tab.
    6. Once in the Store tab press RB again until you reach the legend tab.

    7. Cursor over to the icon of Mirage and press A to select him.
    8. Here you can use 750 Apex coins or, if you have leveled up sufficiently, use your legend points to purchase him.
    9. Select Unlock with x where x is the currency of choice.

    You will have access to Mirage in your character roster and will be able to unlock all of his cosmetics as you play. Mirage looks like one of the more unique Legends, as he has a lot of illusion based powers.